Bridging the Journey: Interludes

by Susan Maughlin Wood

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These interludes were composed for the UW Chorale concert "Embracing the Journey"

Electronic Interludes:
Composed and produced using sounds mutated and sourced entirely from MRI and Bermuda tree frog recordings. Used as introductions and interludes bridging between portions of Bach Cantata "My Heart Swims in Blood" and other selections spanning various styles and idioms through a dramatic arc from despair to hope.

String Quartet Interludes:
Live recordings from the concert. Performed by Luke Fitzpatrick, Sol Im, Richard Neff and Emily Hu. Recorded by Oliver Stellfox.

With thanks to conductor Ryan Ellis, more info at


released August 16, 2014

Introductions and interludes used in "Embracing the Journey" UW Summer Chorale live concert August 13, 2014




Susan Maughlin Wood Seattle, Washington

Susan is an independently contracting composer for film, video game and other media projects. She wants to make people fear less.

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Track Name: Requiem into Dark Night
In the dark night of the soul, our broken hearts you can make whole
Oh Mother Mary come and carry us in your embrace, let us see your gentle face, Mary
In the dark night fired with love's urgent longings. Ah the sheer grace.
I went out my house being now all stilled
Ah the sheer grace
Track Name: Run into Run
(lyrics of song following this track)

Run, children, run
Run, children, run
Run, children, run I say
'Cause I got a right to the tree of life
Track Name: Sail into Breathe
Don't you want to sail away?
Breathe on me, day.
Scatter the clinging shadows of my soul